Irish Traffic Surveys

Irish Traffic Surveys Ltd ( ITS ) deliver innovative solutions using the latest in bluetooth/WiFi short range signal technology to obtain otherwise unobtainable information. The scanning units allow the user to collect information on people’s travel and behaviour through unobtrusive methods whilst ensuring people’s privacy is maintained and respected. The units obtain this data by measuring signals from mobile phones, hands free kits, satellite navigation devices via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

The MAC addresses are tagged with anonymous ID’s using a complex hashing algorithm before being analysed to ensure people’s privacy is maintained. These anonymous ID’s are collated over time to develop an understanding of people’s travel and behaviour. Hashed ID’s from numerous sites can be combined to provide data over a specific study area providing an accurate understanding of movements over any time period.

The measuring of the signals can be accurately focused to ensure signals are only collected from the user’s area of interest i.e. specific road, railway station platform, retailer etc. Previous studies have found that sample rates of between 15-40% can be achieved through Bluetooth scanning whilst Wi-Fi can add a further 20-30%.

Key Applications

Some key applications for the technology are outlined below:

  • Market Research
  • Event Management
  • Security
  • Real Time Business Analytics
  • People Movement Solutions
  • Real Time Footprint Analytics

The units can be used for research purposes to ascertain the duration users spend in a certain location and frequency of use over a given period i.e. number of daily/ weekly/ monthly visits. This information provides clients with the tools to make commercial decisions and understand the performance of their business. Retailers & Event Managers can understand differences in behaviour on a site by site basis.

  • Travel Times
  • Flow Profiles
  • Area Dwell Times
  • Repeat Visits
  • Data Analysis & Storage Facilities